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‘I really want to make a difference to improving the lives and social determinates for our people’.

Theresa Simpson CEO

Theresa Simpson

Chief Executive Officer

Theresa grew up in Cairns, with proud family connections to Cherbourg (Wakka Wakka) and Mount Isa (Kalkadon).

Raised by her strong and compassionate grandmother Bonnie Simpson as an only child, Theresa was consistently around her mother’s younger siblings and was often mistaken for one of them. This experience as a child immersed her in the positive cultural familiy values of our previous generations and shaped Theresa into the family orientated person she is today, having two children and a large extended family.

Grandmother Bonnie one of the original house mothers that had helped establish Mookai Rosie Bi-Bayan alongside founder Rose Richards.

Theresa has worked at Mookai Rosie Bi-Bayan for nineteen years, continuing in her family’s footsteps, with a passion for improving Women’s Health. Her extensive experience prior to coming to Mookai extends across both the Government and private sectors where she gained expertise in business management and administration, human resources, finance and leadership.

Theresa is determined to sustain and build on the legacy left by the women who built Mookai Rosie before her. A legacy which encompasses both a professional evidence-based health care and accommodation service combined with strong and respectful cultural governance.


For Individuals

As a individual or a family we understand that it can often be too hard to hand over sums of money, but you can still support the important work we do at Mookai Rosie Bi-Bayan. Giving a gift or donating some of your skills is an awesome way to support what we do. One of the simplest ways to show your support is to share what we do across social media. Remember it takes more than one person to make change.

For Corporations

To tranform the lives of other sometimes it takes the helping hand of others. We rely on much of the budgets delivered to us from our Government funding bodies. But like all not-for-profits we want to be sustainable and this is where you can help. Through a simple donation or purchase of one our supporter gifts you become a part of the Mookai family and a part of the change.

Better Health Care is Our Mission