Today one of the biggest issue facing Australia as a Nation is the gap between Indigenous and non-indigenous health!

Through the activities of Mookai Rosie Bi-Bayan we are continuing to help change these appauling statistics through on the ground work with women and children from throughout far North Queensland. But we cannot do this along – transforming a life takes the strength of individuals and the helping hands of others. Through these helping hands of individuals, community groups and organisations throughout the country Mookai Rosie Bi-Bayan is continuing it’s long founded success of bridging the gap through the continual support of women and Children throughout the Far North Queensland region.

For Individuals

As a individuals or a family we understand that it can often be too hard to hand over sums of money, but you can still help us with out do our important work. Well if you want to give a gift then we are open to suggestions or even if you would like to donate some of your skills or time. One of the simplest things you can do is follow us and support us on facebook. Remember it takes more than one people to make a change.

For Corporations

To transform the life other it sometimes takes the helping hands of others. We rely on much of the budgets delivered to us from our Government funding bodies. But like all Not for Profit organisations we want to be sustainable and this is where you can help. Through a simple donation or purchase of some of our product from our store you can help us on our way. But even if it’s just you just want to give us some of your corporate time, every little bit helps and we’re always open to suggestions